How to use tamarind to reduce your weight after a weekend party?

You may have tried many ways to reduce your weight, and each of them turned out to be rather hard, as you had to put considerable efforts to lose your weight. The need to put long hours at the local gymnasium to lose weight is perhaps, not your cup of tea. If you seek ways to eradicate excess weekend influx weight from your body, then you need to use tamarind as your health drink.

Here is how you should use tamarind to reduce your weight.

Take a glass of water and pour tamarind on to it. Leave the mixture for around 15-20 minutes. Now light your gas burner and heat the pan above the gas burner. You now need to pour 1gm of mustard seed, along with 1gm of cumin seed in the frying pan. Heat the mixture for a while and pour the tamarind water on to the frying pan. Again pour salt, turmeric along with curry leaves onto the heated mixture. Leave it for a minute, and pour the resulting drink in a glass.

You can now have the drink. Drink twice a day for at least 2-3 days. It depends upon how much fat you incurred on your week end party. You would find your weight reduced and stomach free of fat.